Who We Are

Dalian Helix has aimed to become a worldwide leader of Helical Piling Systems when she was born, to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to the energy and construction industries.

DLHEE’s helical pile foundation has been successfully applied in the 220KV electric power transmission line of JiQing high-speed rail(CRH)of State Grid Corporation of China(SGCC)

Typical applications of DLHEE’s Helical Pile Foundations included as below:

  • Electric Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Solar modules
  • Wind Turbines
  • Oil and Gas
  • Houses and Constructions
  • Communications

……to be an ideal replacement of traditional deep foundations like wood, concrete, steel structure.


Steel Helical Pile foundation


Ductile Iron Helical Pile foundation


GRIP Pilling System for mountain area

岩石地况螺旋桩 (1)

Feature & Advantage

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Construction unaffected by high water table

Lightweight, easy to handle and transport

Minimum laydown area required

Ideal for areas of limited access or restricted

Clean, No excavation and spoil removal

Reduced construction time

No harmful vibrations during installation

Installation unaffected by weather

Holding capacity verified during installation



Safety & Quality Control

At DLHEE, quality begins and ends with our clients. We deliver consistent repeatable service in all techniques and processes and are committed to continuously improving and maintaining effective communication throughout all levels of our team. This approach results in a highly skilled workforce and superior client satisfaction.


Before The Project

Before the project, to plan, measure and confirm the layout of project, erect safety fence and board around the project area, ONLY professional engineers and workers after training would be allowed to enter.

During The Project

During the project, a piling angle of inclination and installation torque monitering system will be used for monitoring the helical pile’s pilling angle and working torque, to always ensure the helical piles will be driven as per minimal design working torque and embed depth.

After The Project

After the project, a series of load test will be done after the installation, includes single pile’s tension, compression, lateral load, and group pile’s tension, compression, lateral load, so as to ensure the project will always satisfy customers’ requirement, design and working conditions.

Project Experiences

Jiqing High-Speed Railway Zibo Zhutai Traction Station

  • Project Name:Jiqing High-Speed Railway Zibo Zhutai Traction Station
  • Work date:December 2017
  • Location: Zibo, Shandong, China
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